• Who We Are

    Edwin Carlson

    CEO | Banking & Finance

    Edwin has consulted on technology, strategy and operational support for leading companies in the banking and insurance fields, including JPMorganChase, Bank of America, Royal & Sun Alliance and HSBC. Edwin provided technical review and strategic support to the development of an on-line marketplace. Edwin was the CTO of MarketDataInsite a market data usage monitoring company. He has founded or built startups in various industries including stock market data, video distribution, advertising, loyalty marketing using big data and human resources.

    Edwin began his career in the UK, where he earned a BS degree with Honours in computer studies (the business application of computer technology) from the University of South Wales. Throughout his career, he has always remained at the leading edge of the business application of proven technologies. He is now a Bitcoin evangelist, promoting its use whenever possible.

    Mike Taratuta

    CTO | Software & Technology

    Mike has been building software for over 3 decades. He has over 20 years of experience as an IT professional with a career focused on developing medium to large scale systems for large corporations as well as startups.

    Mike is an Application Architect and Full Stack Developer of Desktop, Web, Mobile, and Enterprise applications. He has written software for systems as diverse as IBM's iSeries, Linux Redhat, Google App Engine, Android, iOS, and Microsoft Azure.

    Mike has consulted in many industries that include: Insurance, Accounting, Transportation, Energy, Marketing, and Grievance Management

    Mike is also fluent in multiple programming languages and crypto currency.

    Andrew Gross


    Andrew is experienced in the sales/service of winning auto digital and traditional media, SaaS solutions, as well as OEM fleet & lease programs, and other Internet transaction related solutions for ASP's and ISP's alike. He is accomplished at structuring, marketing, closing complex transactions at senior levels with automotive dealer organizations, OEM’s, e-business strategy partners, major US corporations.
    Andrew has been appointed the Linkedin NADA Convention Group discussion leader and also the Linkedin Automotive Peer-to-Peer Lending Association discussion leader as well.

    Andrew offers access to investment, advertising and sponsorship opportunities with service scheduling leaders
    and povides access to strategic advice with a concentration on the automotive, media and technology space.
    He specializes in fixed ops, sales structuring, marketing, C-level negotiations transactions, e-business strategies, automotive e-commerce, sales management, team building, rapid sales force deployment, sales training, best practices, sales/marketing policies and procedures, interpersonal communication, personnel vetting/hiring/training/management, and variable ops.

    Paul Dube

    Security / Cryptography Expert

    Paul has over 25 years of experience managing and consulting in all aspects of Information Technology with a particular focus on system security.

    Paul has built entire data centers, and managed all infrastructure, backbone, telecommunications systems, server, and desktop environments. He has multi-platform experience with DOS/VSE, Unix, Novell, Windows, and Linux, has managed packaged ERP/CRM systems, developed custom extensions, and complete systems. In Telecommunications, Paul began with a single location supporting 375 employees and scaled up to multiple locations supporting >1,200 employees.

    He has implemented unique communications solutions and has been published in an industry private trade publication on stopping phreaking with no damage to the enterprise. The FCC, Secret Service, and a private member organization all recognized Paul's contribution in this instance.